KidZania History


About KidZania

KidZania, the Country of Children, which started its story in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, was established to have a world where all children can learn while having fun. Opened for the first time in the Santa Fe region in 1999, KidZania operates in 20 countries and 27 cities today.

KidZania Istanbul was founded in 2014 as the 16th of the world's KidZania facilities. It serves all children between the ages of 0-14 in an area of ​​8,000 m2 in Akasya AVM. Turkey's best brands add realism to this city run by children. Children can experience more than 120 professions in KidZania Istanbul, a real city with 67 different activity areas with its bank, hospital, supermarket, laboratory, theatre, university, fire department, earthquake simulation center, stadium, and streets, factories. In KidZania, where all activities are approved by the Behavioral Sciences Institute, the activity contents are prepared according to the ages, interests and skills of the children, with the guidance of pedagogues, game experts and trainers.

KidZania Istanbul, as a UN Global Compact Supporter; adheres to its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. It supports the Ten Principles and the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

KidZania Istanbul, theCity of Children, received the 2020 Travellers' Choice award, the biggest award of TripAdvisor, with the comments and ratings of our guests. KidZania Istanbul is among the 10 percent of the world's best entertainment venues. The award was given to the best institutions in the world based on positive comments and high scores in 2019.


KidZania Economy

Have Fun, Learn, Discover!

KidZania economics is designed to help children learn by experiencing how the economic cycle works. A system was established to enable children to learn about work values ​​and to understand the process of exchanging money for goods and services. The official currency of KidZania, forms the basis of the development of financial literacy competencies of children. Depending on the country's supply and demand balance, children earn or spend money on activities they participate in all day at KidZania. 50 kidZos are loaded on children's credit cards when they enter KidZania. Children can buy the products and services they want with the money loaded on their cards; they can also earn money by working at their workplaces within KidZania. As KidZania citizens, they can save their money in their bank account if they wish. They can even spend as they wish at all KidZanias around the world with their kidZos.


In KidZania entries, 20 kidZos are defined for adults accompanying children. Adults can spend time in the resting areas if they wish, or participate in any of our 12 activities (Bodrum Ravioli, Disco, Archeology Museum, Chefs Academy, Photography, Stadium, Perfume, Jewellery, Automobile Service, Earthquake Simulation Center, Social Self and Creative Parent) that they can experience with their children.


KidZania’s Language

Children learn the KidZania language in the activities they participate and can speak the same language with the children in all KidZanias.

Kai: hello

Kool: Good, good

PleeZ: Please

KongratZ: Congratulations

Zanks/ Zank U: Thank you / thank you

KidZo/ KidZos: KidZania currency

KidZitter: Play brother/sister service for children over 5 years old.

B-KidZanian: KidZania loyalty program

CitiZen: Anyone who owns the KidZania market. Citizen of KidZania

CongreZZ: A congress that only KidZania citizens can attend.

PaZZport: Passport


Apart from these, there are also a few expressions included in KidZania's system:

Edutainment: Learning with fun (Education + Entertainment)

Zummit: A summit attended by experts in their fields held at KidZania.

RFID Wristband: A wristband, which is attached to both the child visitor and the accompanying adult for security reasons, and is defined to the system specifically for each user.



Security at KidZania Istanbul:

Safety is one of the most important values at KidZania. There is only one entrance and exit for the safety of all visitors. These entrance and exit areas are guarded by KidZania security officials.

Children are safe under the supervision of specialized private security personnel with dome and fixed cameras in KidZania Istanbul.

An adult must accompany the child at the entrance to KidZania Istanbul. For this reason, RFID wristbands are attached to both the child visitor and the accompanying adult at the entrances from the Airport. Each RFID wristband is uniquely identified to the system for its user. These wristbands cannot be transferred to other visitors and cannot be removed from the wrist for security reasons. Wristbands are only removed by KidZania Istanbul employees, with the permission of their parents, during check-out.

In addition, the entire KidZania Istanbul team is trained for possible emergencies. Guides are located at strategic places in the park, including the entrances and exits. There is always an infirmary and a doctor for possible emergency situations.

Children with disabilities are not forgotten at KidZania either; Every precaution is taken for their safety. All KidZanias in the world have been designed according to the principle of accessibility, so that our disabled citizens can fully benefit from all activities with disabled-friendly roads and elevators. In KidZania Istanbul, there are wheelchairs that can be given to guests to use in the park when needed. Students with disabilities from many schools can enter KidZania free of charge within the scope of social responsibility by obtaining the necessary permits throughout the year.