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A Real City Run by Kids!

KidZania is the Country of Children, where children aged 1-14 experience professions that will improve both their motor skills and their physical and social skills, get the freedom to choose, use their creativity, play, and produce!

At KidZania, children have the opportunity to step into the world of adults, get to know different business areas, experience the professions of adults, and take responsibility. They are informed about everything related to the profession they have chosen, and they wear a real uniform and go to work. Pilots fly planes, secret agents uncover secrets, archaeologists dig, and chefs prepare delicious food.

KidZania is a real city created for children, with its own history, story, form of government, manifesto, economy, language, flag, rights, and rights keepers.

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Entrance Fees

Other Countries Kid1.200 TRY

Kid Annual Pass10.500 TRY

Other Countries Adult550 TRY

Working Hours



10:00 - 20:00 

Have Fun, Learn, and Discover!

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KidZania in the World

KidZania is one of the fastest growing global and educational entertainment brands with 28 facilities around the world, from Mexico to Tokyo and London!

KidZania in the World
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