These Principles (“Principles”) establish the collection, use and sharing of the Personal Data by Akasya Çocuk Dünyası A.Ş. (Kidzania Turkey) through “” and with the applications published by KidZania and its the affiliates (each shall be referred to as a “KidZania Company”) and third party KZ Licensees authorized by KidZania (“KZ Licensees”), in line with the Law on Protection of the Personal Data numbered 6698.   When you use the web site “” and/or a KidZania application, you state that you agree with the conditions of these Principles.  


 These Principles are applicable only to the Personal Data.   “Personal Data” is the information that can be used for contacting or identifying an individual.    Names and surnames, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, photographs or the other identification information of persons are in this scope, but the scope of the Personal Data is not limited to these.   Personal Data can also include information that can be stored with the Personal Data and that are not identifiable.

 Information that does not identify a person such as anonymous or clustered data are not in the scope of these Principles.   We can collect, use and explain such information for the purpose of communicating with our sponsors, advertisers and KZ Licensees and evaluating and improving our service provisions.



 These Principles cover the web site “” and the applications published by KidZania.   KidZania can give links to a KidZania Company or third party websites that are not under the property or supervision of the Licensee as well.   These third party websites can collect personal information of their visitors.   Information applications of such third party websites, institutions or businesses including our sponsors' and commercial stakeholders' are subject to their specific confidentiality principles, and are not in the scope or under the control of these Principles.   KidZania is not a guarantor of the application of these websites, and does not assume any responsibility.   We recommend you to check the confidentiality principles of every website you are to visit, while leaving our site, before giving your personal data.



 “” does not require you to provide your Personal Data or to register for viewing our website.   If you have any questions or want to get further information on KidZania, we give our contact information to you for contacting us, and the personal data presented to us by you are given on the voluntary basis.   If you contact us via e-mail or regular mail, we can use the Personal Data you gave to us for the purposes of replying your questions, provide you with information on our services, fulfilling your requests, improving our customer service and the other internal purposes.   In such a case, we do not  use your personal data for marketing purposes.

 The information you shared with us for the purpose of communication shall be destroyed after your request is fulfilled and after the expiry of their storage period for tax or commercial purposes.

 Regarding the use of a KidZania application on a mobile device, KidZania can request personal information at the minimum level.   Nevertheless, as long as the application is not used for uploading data on a KidZania website, online service or a third party service, such information is stored only on the mobile device and is not collected by KidZania.   Due to the concerns about the users at young ages who use applications for uploading the information that may contain personal data, before allowing minors to upload information on the KidZania website, KidZania requests their parents’ or guardians’ approval for the application to be used by them.

 KidZania can use technical methods in order to collect certain non-identifying information on the visitors of the site.   We can also work with a third party service provider in order to collect the other information alike.   To do that, KidZania companies and/our our service providers can use cookies or the other technical methods for the purpose of collecting information and providing correlation over time.   KidZania Companies, KidZania Licensees and service providers cannot combine the anonymous data collected along with the Personal Data through the website “”.



 Your personal data is recorded and processed by KidZania verbally or in writing or electronically on printed documents, via telephone, website, online services, e-mail, social media and the other media alike in connection with or limited to the purposes of carrying out the works required for you to use the services provided by our Company, ensuring legal and commercial security of the persons who are in business relationship with our Company, administrative operations for the communication by our Company, managing the activities of the Company, organizing park events, informing you on the products and activities of the Company, contacting you via your information sent through our websites, corporate communications, carrying out the invoicing against our services and the other accounting procedures, ensuring security of our commercial and legal processes, fulfilling the legal obligations arising from the legislation, measuring your satisfaction with our services and improving our services in that direction, risk management, sharing the innovations and the other news related with our Company, conducting administrative procedures, ensuring security in the business processes and the audits deemed required such as planned periodical internal audit activity, ensuring safety of the Company’s building, fulfilling the contractual commitments, ensuring continuity of the Company’s activities, managing work health and safety processes, managing the processes before public institutions and organizations such as the Social Security Institution, managing the affairs with our sponsors, suppliers and the other business partners of ours, monitoring and preventing abuses and unauthorized transactions; evaluation/complaint management processes, transactions such as legal compliance process, audit, financial affairs, etc., setting and implementing commercial and business strategies of our Company and implementing human resources policies of our Company, sending messages regarding renewal of the agreement and the other purposes alike.

 Your personal data can be shared with our suppliers, sponsors, business partners with whom we make collaboration and from whom we receive services (software companies providing technical support service, etc.), Social Security Institution, General Directorate of Security and the other security forces, General Directorate of Population, the other relevant official institutions and organizations, courts, authorized representatives of ours, the institution you are a member of and/or work for, third persons from whom we receive consultancy including lawyers, tax advisors and auditors, regulatory and supervisory institutions and official authorities, systems in the domestic country and abroad and/or Kidzania group companies and companies within Akkök Holding group of companies founded in the domestic country and abroad, to the extent required for realizing the aforementioned purposes and fulfilling the obligations arising from the law, and provided that it is limited to such purposes (for further information make an application to our Company in writing).   



 Aforementioned personal data of yours can be transferred to the physical archives and information systems of our Company and/or our suppliers and stored in both digital and physical environments.   Your Personal Data is stored by us in the scope of the aforementioned purposes or for the period required to comply with the legal storage period, and then destroyed in accordance with the Law.



 Your personal data is processed and shared with the aforementioned persons within the framework of the below-specified legal reasons stated under the article 5/2 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.  

 Clearly stipulated in the laws,
 Mandatory for protecting the life or physical integrity of the person who is not able to declare his/her consent due to actual impossibility or whose consent is not deemed to be legally valid or of another person,
 Processing of the personal data of the parties to the agreement is required, provided that it is directly related to acting or executing an agreement,
 Mandatory for the data officer to fulfill his/her legal obligation,
 Was made public by the relevant person himself/herself,
 Data processing is mandatory for establishing, exercising or protecting a right,
 Data processing is mandatory for the licit benefits of the data officer, provided that it does not harm the basic rights and freedoms of the relevant person.  

 Login Information: To allow you to connect to the site, our servers receive and record information on your computer and browser such as your IP address, browser type, http application data (from where you visited KidZania) and the other hardware and software information.   If you access KidZania from a mobile device or another commercial electronic device, we can collect the specific device identifier dedicated to that device or the other process information for that device.

 Cookies and the Other Tracking Technologies: Furthermore, we use cookies consisting of small pieces of data and the other tracking technologies (for example browser cookies, pixels and signals).   We use these technologies in order to understand how the visitors interact with our site.   Despite the fact that most of browsers were created to accept cookies, you can make your settings in the manner to prevent cookies.   We do not use "permanent” cookies remaining after the user leaves the Site.   In case that KidZania works with third parties in order to provide, evaluate and improve the online services, the third parties concerned can use their own cookies or the other technical methods for collecting anonymous information on your use of the site.   The information collected independently on our site by third parties are subject to the confidentiality provisions of the party concerned.



 KidZania can share the Personal Data with KidZania Companies, KidZania Licensees and service providers for procuring and managing the Site and our applications.   For example we can appoint a third party service provider or broker that hosts the site for assisting us for contests or promotions or providing advertising service.   Third party service providers who work on behalf of KidZania have to agree to use the Personal Data only subject to these Principles, in order to provide KidZania Companies or an Operator with service.

 KidZania Companies, KidZania Licensees and third party service providers can use your Personal Data for the below-specified purposes:

 Providing customer service for replying your questions or you to use the 6KidZania content and services that are usable through our site or applications.
 Communicating the relevant event announcements, content and product, service, contest or promotion advertisements, in the name of KidZania, KidZania Companies, KZ Licensees or sponsors.
 Measuring and improving your experiences with the site or our applications.
 Despite the fact that the Personal Data can be transferred as a part of the company’s assets, in case of bankruptcy or company merger, acquisition, joint venture or another commercial transaction related with our site and applications, they remain subject to these Confidentiality Principles.

 Furthermore, the Personal Data can be disclosed without prior notification, for the purposes of protecting the legal rights or properties (including implementation of our agreements) of KidZania, the other KidZania Companies or their representatives, employees and contractors, protecting the safety and security of the other KidZania users or public, protecting the integrity of our website, providing a protection against fraudulence or risk management, or in case that it is believed with good faith to be required for complying with the law or legal processes.

 KidZania cannot sell, let your Personal Data to third persons or cannot share such Information with them for whatsoever reason, without obtaining your prior permission.



 Security is of utmost importance for KidZania.   For the purpose of ensuring protection for the information we collect and store, at the suitable level, commercial reasonable principles and procedures are in application.   Third parties to whom we disclosed the Personal Data subject to these Principles are also also requested to enforce similar procedures to protect the Personal Data.



 KidZania provides you with the option to arrange your Personal Data or remove those from KidZania Systems.

 As per the article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, you can exercise the below-specified rights of yours by applying to Kidzania and completing the form given at the address

  •  You can learn whether your personal data was processed,
  •  You can request information, if your personal data was processed,
  •  You can learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they were used in accordance with the purpose,
  •  You can learn the third persons at home and abroad, to whom your  personal data was transferred,
  •  You can request correction of personal data, in case that it is processed incompletely or in the wrong way,
  •  You can request erasure or destruction of the personal data within the framework of the conditions specified in the KVKK,
  •  You can request notification to the third persons to whom the personal data is transferred of the processes conducted as per the paragraphs (e) and (f),
  •  You can object to occurrence of a result against it, by analyzing processed data, exclusively through automatic systems,
  •  You can request compensation of the loss, in case of any loss due to unlawfully processing the personal data.
  •  You can get detailed information on how to make the application from the Policy for the Protection of Personal Data available at the address [].

 Furthermore, if you intend to access your Personal Data given to KidZania, to make corrections thereon or to delete them, you can make such a request by sending an e-mail to



 KidZania can update the Principles at times, and announces the amended Principles at the address .   If we make significant changes that extends our rights to collect and/or use your Personal  Data, we inform you via the site.



 There are KZ Locations all around the world.   We also agree that the Personal Data we collect can be subject to some protections under the laws of your country.   Your Personal Data can be transferred or offered to the use of KidZania Companies, Licensees or service providers in the other locations all around the world.   In some of those countries, protection equivalent to the Personal Data protection under your local laws are not necessarily required.   Giving your Personal Data to us, you agree with and give your consent to the transactions, transfers and statements set out in these Principles.   Every KidZania Company or third parties processing the data subject to these Principles are obliged to comply with these Principles and to protect your Personal Data in a suitable manner.



 If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Principles, please contact us at the below address:


 Address: Akasya, Çeçen sok.   No:   25 Acıbadem Üsküdar 34660 İstanbul, Turkey

 Telephone: 0850 200 5439



 KidZania provides the below information for the purpose of warning the parents for the KidZania principles and practices on how the personal data of a child that can be collected from a KidZania Park, KidZania application or KidZania online service is to be handled.

  •  In order to permit the online interaction between children and KidZania online services, KidZania obtains Park permission from parents and guardians.
  •  KidZania adopted the principle of not collecting personal data from children, not to use or disclose such data, without any other legal or principal ground (such as imminent risk of damage to children) for collecting information without the prior permission of the parent, permission of an educational institution on behalf of the parent.   If the parent or guardian rejects to give his/her approval for collection, use or disclosure of information, KidZania does not collect, use or disclose such information.
  •  If the parent or guardian permits the use by a KidZania application, the child takes a photo of his/her own and can customize it by making use of the graphic elements provided by KidZania.   KidZania may request basic biographical information not identifying your child’s name, age or month/date of birth, gender or child’s country or another clear identification from your child.
  •  If the parent or guardian agrees that the final image and biographical data can be uploaded by the child on the website and/or social media platform operated by KidZania, then KidZania can collect, use the image, and can disclose it to the other users of the application and website, third parties that can view the KidZania website, search engines or the other technologies, stakeholders and service providers that prepare the catalogue of public online contents.    Third party sites where users can upload contents cannot be controlled by KidZania.   KidZania is not responsible for confidentiality principles and applications of these third party sites.
  •  As per the relevant article of the Law on Regulating Electronic Trade numbered 6563, parents or guardians who want to receive commercial electronic messages from us regarding our applications and events have to provide additional approval indicating that they want to be informed.
  •  A parent can always withdraw his/her approval, and can request deletion of his/her child’s personal information from KidZania’a systems.   When such a request is received, KidZania withdraws child’s content from everyone’s field of view, deletes all copies of the child’s content and denies the child’s further access to the site.
  •  A parent can also request reviewing the personal data of his/her child held by KidZania, and request deletion of such information.

 In order to withdraw the approval, to make a request for deletion of the content or personal data or for checking the personal data of your child, you can contact KidZania at the below given address:



 Data officer:

 Akasya Çocuk Dünyası A.Ş.

 Adres: Akasya, Çeçen sok.   No:   25 Acıbadem Üsküdar 34660 İstanbul, Turkey

 Telephone: 0850 200 5439