Creative Parent Workshop

In this activity area, parents who come to KidZania with their children can increase their competences, discover themselves, and spend an enjoyable and effective time with their children. Using the storytelling method, our parents who participate in the workshop for 25 minutes can improve their communication with their children and make it more fun with the competences gained at the end of the activity. The aim of the workshop; develop creative solutions and use storytelling as an effective tool in adult-child relationship.

Creative Parent Workshop, Exp. Dr. Under the leadership of Kerem Dündar*, the content is prepared by specialists, clinical psychologists, teachers, academicians and experts from different disciplines. In the activity, storytelling is made with playing cards consisting of 57 objects and 20 actions. Following the storytelling, parents and children can participate in the activities with the provided road maps. Anyone completing the activity and sharing it with the hashtag specified in the selfie area is eligible to participate in the Parental Awareness training via Whatsapp.


Activity Gains:

  • Awareness and Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Cognitive Flexibility



*M.D. Kerem Dündar

Dr. Kerem graduated from the Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA). He completed his expertise in the field of biophysics and has been involved in various academic and industrial studies in the field of neuroscience for many years. After graduation, he worked as an academician, manager, trainer and physician in various health institutions He completed his doctorate on brain research in GATA Biophysics department.During this period, he performed both experimental and clinical research in the field of neurology and behavioral sciences with electrophysiological and streotaxic surgical methods. In addition to continuing his academic activities in the field of neuroscience at the Neuroscience Brain Research Application Center which he is the founder of, he continues to train and consult the companies that he is collabarating with in the fields of; Effective Use of Brain, Neuro Leadership, Neuro Management, Neuro HR, Neuro Sales and Marketing, Neuro Persuasion, Brain Based Communication, Brain Based Education, Success and Happiness in Life, Rezilyance.