Corporate Activities

KidZania Istanbul for Private Organizations!

KidZania İstanbul is a center offering unlimited entertainment and service to corporations. You can rent a city for your private organizations!


Product Launches

How about organizing the launching meeting of a new product or service in a city completely dedicated to you?

Wouldn't a town square decorated with the visuals and advertisements of your company impressive for your guests?

You can entertain your guests, your target customers groups in this very special city with the offerings you would choose, and let your target group experience your products or services. The professional team of KidZania Istanbul will provide you with anything you need.


Press Meetings

Wouldn't you like to organize a press meeting at the town square allocated to your company?

On the streets that are perfectly safe, without traffic or noise. Our environment will help you greatly arouse the interest of the press.

You can also host a dinner party with an exclusive and rich menu for press members and your guests.

Be one step ahead of your competitors with your press meetings just like you are with your products or services.


Business Dinners and Celebrations

What would you say to organizing your business dinners with your colleagues in KidZania Istanbul's magnificent world?

You can rest assured that you will create an impression far beyond that of traditional business dinners with our menus, our service options, our sound, image, light, and music equipment that you can freely choose.


Corporate Events

How about organizing a mini disco karaoke contest, a treasure hunt covering the entire KidZania city, a talent or song contest in the theater, a soccer tournament at the stadium in the city center, or other types of entertainments customized to your preferences? How about being a child for a day and enjoy KidZania's world of fun with your co-workers instead of traditional activities?


KidZania Gift For Your Employees

Let your employees give an amazing surprise to their kids with KidZania Istanbul etrance that you can buy at special group prices.

Help them offer the most special people of their lives an unforgettable day at KidZania Istanbul thanks to their company.

You can also add extra features such as KidZania gifts and additional options.


Social Responsibility Projects

Many businesses are involved in or support social responsibility projects in our country.

You can take advantage of exclusive discounted group prices in social responsibility projects supporting children groups of your choice.

KidZania team can organize events exclusive to certain children groups on your behalf without sharing your details with 3rd parties and present to you a detailed report of the event. Employees who wish to organize an event for special children groups independently from the company management will also be offered discounted group prices.