KidZitter Service

KidZania, the world's number one children's country, also offers freedom to parents. By entrusting to KidZitters at KidZania, parents can allocate reusable time for their children between the ages of 5 and 14 and enjoy shopping with peace of mind.

When children experience different professions at KidZania throughout the day, parents can spend more time with peace of mind thanks to KidZitters and enjoy shopping at Akasya Mall!

Parents who want to receive  KidZitter service that is served every day of the week except Mondays, can register at Airport area where is the entrance of KidZania Istanbul and they can meet with KidZitters and leave their children.

KidZitters who are pedagogically trained and have a maximum of 5 occurrences at the same time, help children when they want to eat.

Parents can see their children photos which show children's joyful learning experience while shopping at Akasya Mall.

KidZitters serve every day within KidZania İstanbul's working hours. You can pay 35 TL to receive hourly KidZitter Service at the entrance of KidZania or visit our web site purchase it online.