Controlled Social Life at KidZania!

Controlled Social Life has already begun at KidZania!

The Covid-19 outbreak, which has become our global priority, continues to change the way we live. As the Ministry of Health said, we are now in the 'Controlled Social Life' period against Covid-19 fight. In this new era of the second stage, our living areas are expanding, but we continue to implement measures. Now we go out of houses more often, but on the other hand, we continue to fight against Coronavirus. We all have met the concept of 'Social Distance', stopped the life we know and managed to fit our lives into the homes. Now it's time to succeed in living by the rules of 'Controlled Social Life '.

As Children's Country KidZania; in all our cities working in 22 countries and 29 cities worldwide, we have started our fight against the epidemic since the first day. First of all, we took a break from learning experience by having fun in all KidZania facilities and took measures to boost our hygiene policies in our cities. In accordance with our mission, we have continued to reach our children with fun and educative content through our social media channels. Today, we are ready to meet KidZania Istanbul with its real owners, which all children aged 0-14 have fun and experienced more than 120 jobs. KidZania Istanbul has already opened its doors to its visitors with 'Controlled Social Life' principle.

Stay Safe at KidZania!
KidZania Istanbul's Akasya Mall 8.000 m2 city area ready for the 'Controlled Social life ' period by taking all the measures determined by our ministry. This is why we say Stay Safe at KidZania!

Control Social Life Period in KidZania
As we enter the controlled social life period for the safety of all our visitors and employees, we rearranged the capacity and activity areas of our city according to the social distance rules. We have increased the frequency and coverage of our disinfectant / hygiene applications. We have renewed our ventilation system to provide fresh air flow system announced by the Ministry of Health instead of air conditioners. We have set the Controlled Social Rules and completed our staff training. We are ready to welcome you.

For a better world...
We know that a better world is possible with independent, creative, responsible, sensitive, self-safe, brave and happy children who can follow their dreams and this is why KidZania exists. To give them creative thinking, decision-making and problem solving skills, joyful learning and courageous imagination with the role play games thus they can discover their dream profession... To help them design a better world...

We sincerely congratulate all our children who have achieved an important success by taking many responsibilities during these challenging times and supporting their families against Covid-19 outbreak. They will continue to achieve many things in this period within 'Controlled Social Life'. We look forward to hosting all children at KidZania where they will be able to learn the rules of this new era by having fun and experience more than 120 occupations.

You can visit our website for a list of precautions and rules about KidZania Istanbul's ′Controlled Social life′ period.

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