School Trip

Schools across Turkey meet up at KidZania Istanbul.

Education is at the heart of everything we do, and we are working hard to be remembered with Edutainment, the concept of educating kids while entertaining them. While we focus on education, we do not compromise fun, and we were recognized with the award "Turkey's Most Successful Indoor Theme Fun Park" at the Shining Star Awards in 2014 for our efforts.

At KidZania Istanbul, kids get a chance to learn about or practice jobs that they are suited to for their career planning, while experiencing life at the same time. They learn about financial literacy, about social needs, and learn to work in teams and respect each other.

The safety of visitors who enjoy KidZania İstanbul is strictly ensured. The area is accessible through a single entrance and exit. These entrance and exit areas are protected by KidZania Istanbul security teams.

Thanks to 1 Dome (mobile) camera, 320 fixed cameras and specialized security personnel, children are safe at KidZania Istanbul.

Please click here to check out the activities at KidZania Istanbul.

For more information, contact us via or call 0850 200 54 39.





  • Dedicated, electronic safety wristbands for each kid,
  • Specialized, trained personnel to accompany kids in each activity area,
  • Non-stop medical service,
  • Lunch options,
  • Customized souvenir packs,
  • Special discounts for school groups,
  • Lunch packages.


Lunch meals are created from the selection of menu items offered to you.

You must decide on the menus before your trip. You should share details of students with food or food additive allergies before your trip.

Lunch menus should be paid separately. Prices may vary depending on menus. You can learn about all other details from the KidZania official who visit your school.

Please click here for the general rules of Kidzania Istanbul.

*Teachers who visit with student groups are offered free entrance at a certain rate and at a limited quota. 

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