Kidzania Fire Department

Visitors who participate this activity can work as a Fire-fighter if they wish to do so.  First, they watch a short video about how to determine the cause of the fire, the actions to be taken for fire prevention and potential hazard points.  Upon a fire call alarm, they get on the fire truck and go to the scene of fire in KidZania to extinguish it.  The fire-fighters use the extinguishing hoses at the scene of incident and put out the fire successfully. 

  • Economy: +5 KidZos
  • Age: +4

Visitors who participate the activity as VR Simulator students will follow the directives of the simulator, extinguish the fire and complete the activity. 

  • Economy: +6 KidZos
  • Age: +8
  • Values Learnt: Responsibility, sensitivity, solidarity, work ethic
  • Gained Skills: Solidarity, attention to detail, motor skills, result orientedness, goal setting