History of KidZania

The story of KidZania started in Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico, to give kids a taste of the jobs of their dreams at an exclusive location where fun and education intersect. Opened for the first time in Santa Fe in 1999, KidZania operates today in 28 cities across 21 countries.

KidZania is one of the fastest growing kid’s interactive entertainment brands in the world. It is an interactive kids’ city combining inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play for children 0-14. Kids independently explore an 8,000 square foot kid-sized city with over 100 exciting careers that they can try.

Fueled by a child’s natural desire to create, explore and collaborate, KidZania is equal parts entertainment and education, making it one of the most progressive family entertainment concepts in the world today.

Through ultrarealistic role-play, children learn about different careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money. Each experience is designed to empower kids, giving them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspiration to be great global citizens. KidZania has become a global phenomenon with numerous locations throughout the world.

Since 2019, Akis REIT has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the Environment and anti-corruption. We acknowledge that our parent company Akis REIT, participates in the UN Global Compact, and we support the Ten Principles and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as broader UN goals. We consolidate our support of this initiative fully under our parent’s commitment. Therefore, we do not participate in UN Global Compact activities nor do we participate in activities of a Global Compact Local Network.

KidZania Economy
Have Fun, Learn and Discover!

KidZania supports learning goals of financial literacy by contributing to a child’s understanding of the economic cycle. KidZania operates with a proprietary currency, named “kidZos”, which enables participants to learn about monetary management by earning kidZos through employment, letting them acquire goods and services as customers, saving into bank accounts, and giving back to the community through donations.

One of the most important components of the education through role playing at KidZania is the KidZos. Children are able to earn or spend KidZos depending on the demand and supply balance at KidZania. Children receive a 50 kidZos check as part of admission which can be cashed at the bank, allowing our visitors to start spending their kidZos right away, then earning more trough the many employments available at KidZania. Children who earn money in exchange for their work can have a savings account at the bank and can withdraw cash KidZos from the ATMs with their client cards. They can also spend this money as they wish at any KidZania facility worldwide.

Safety at KidZania İstanbul:
Safety is among the priority topics at KidZania. There is only one entrance and exit to ensure the safety of all our visitors. These entrance and exit areas are protected by KidZania security teams.

Thanks to Dome (mobile) camera, fixed cameras and specialized security personnel, children are safe at KidZania.

To visit KidZania İstanbul, both the kid visitor and the accompanying adult visitor wear RFID wristbands and therefore there must be an adult to accompany the child during entry and upon departure of the facility.

Each RFID wristband is defined in the system exclusively to its user. It cannot be transfered to other visitors or cannot be removed due to security reasons. Wristbands are only removed by KidZania İstanbul personnel with the approval of the guardian when the visitors are leaving the facility.

Moreover, all KidZania İstanbul team members are trained in possibilities and emergencies. Guides are assigned at the strategic points of the park, including entrance and exit areas. There is an infirmary as well as a doctor available at all times for emergency interventions.

We haven't forgotten disabled children either. KidZania parks all over the world are designed by Mexico based on the principle of accessibility. We take every precaution to ensure safety. KidZania İstanbul has been designed to help disabled children enjoy all activities with its disabled friendly roads and elevators. We keep wheel chairs available in our park for our guests to use when necessary. We obtain necessary permission throughout the year, and many students with disabilities from several schools are entering KidZania free of charge in line with our social responsibility efforts.