BKidZanian Loyalty Program

BKidZanian Loyalty Program


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be from KidZania? As KidZania CitiZen (Citizen), kids can participate in more activities, earn more kidZos and have more fun!


About B-KidZanian

B-KidZanian is KidZania's worldwide loyalty program. Children who are members of B·KidZanian get their own PaZZport. For each KidZania facility visit, a special hologram sticker will be added to their PaZZport. They also earn a special tag for participating in selected activities at KidZanias – more tags mean more exciting privileges.

As children acquire more competencies and earn more tags, they move up through three B·KidZanian Loyalty levels: Naturalized CitiZen (Accepted Citizen), Distinguished CitiZen (Distinguished Citizen), and Honorable CitiZen (Respected Citizen). These three tiers offer better income, special discounts at the National Store, and exclusive activities for selected CitiZens.

You can reach the privileged world of B-KidZanian here.


B KidZanian Privileges


Here are some of the many benefits available to our CitiZens:

Bonus kidZos in addition to salaries from jobs experienced in cities,
Discounts for kidZos spent on products and services purchased in cities,
Discounts for products sold in the National Store,
Discounts for products at KidZania Department Store,
Access to the members-only website,
Periodic news and campaigns from KidZania,
Fast-track access to KidZanias,
License to serve at KidZania CongreZZs.


Joining B-KidZanian Loyalty Program is Easy


There are few small steps that need to be done to get the KidZanian PaZZport. When you visit KidZania, go to the PaZZport Office and you will get your poto taken for your passport, and then you will be given your PazzPort right after. Don't forget! A parent or guardian must accompany the CitiZen candidate at the time of registration.


If you want to learn more about being a KidZanian, you can visit the PaZZport Office at KidZania in your area.